Royal Commission in child sexual abuse

On 12 November 2012, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced a nationwide Royal Commission into the sexual abuse of children in institutions. The Prime Minister has stated that she hopes the Terms of Reference will be developed and the appointment of a Royal Commissioner or Commissioners will be announced by the end of the year. More information is available from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. If you would like your details passed onto the Royal Commission, leave your email or postal address by phone on 1800 099 340 or by email to royalcommissionsecretariat@pmc.gov.au.

If you have been affected or would like information, referrals and support about sexual abuse please contact the relevant helpline on the left-hand side of this page.

“The Association exists to advance the interests of people victimised by crime and encourage the development of support services throughout Australia, whilst striving towards a crime free society.”


  • Encourage and assist development of consistent, high quality, equitable and accessible support services for people victimised by crime throughout Australia.
  • Promote fair and equal recognition of the rights and interests of people victimised by crime.
  • Promote legislative and other reforms throughout the criminal justice system that reflect the rights and interests of people victimised by crime.
  • Promote initiatives by individuals, communities and other agencies to improve responses to people victimised by crime.
  • Consult with and foster co-operation between victim support services throughout Australia.
  • Promote education and awareness; undertake, facilitate and encourage debate and research of issues that impact upon people victimised by crime.


  • Act as the peak body for member crime victim services in Australia.
  • Encourage and promote consistent and high quality standards in the delivery of services to crime victims throughout Australia.
  • Provide opportunities for the exchange of experience, information and resources between victim service organisations in Australia.
  • Make representations on behalf of victim support services to government regarding legislative policy and services involving victims of crime.
  • Provide information and advice to individuals and groups planning to organise support services for victims of crime throughout Australia where such services do not exist.
  • Publish and distribute reports, leaflets and other literature relating to the support services required by victims of crime at a national and international level.

Help For Victims of Crime

Many people have experience of crime in one way or another. They may have experienced a crime directly.  It may have been a property crime like burglary or theft of a motor vehicle.  It may have been a personal crime such as assault or armed robbery.  Or they may be close to someone who has experienced something like this.  The community as a whole could be said to be victimised by crime as it impacts on our environment, our quality of life, and involves both direct and indirect cost.